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White Water Rafting in Nepal

Nepal boasts the most scenic and diverse white-water experiences on the planet. From short trips for beginners to long trips lasting days, the trip takes rafters from the Himalayan region to the (Terai) plains. There are more than a dozen rivers for rafting.

Nepal's rivers descend from the highest mountains of the world, growing bigger along the way. Rafters enjoy breaks and meals along stretches of white sandy beaches. There are also stops at waterfalls where people swim in the pool and take a shower in the natural waters flowing down. Water sports and hikes are also part of the adventure along the riverside.

Some of the popular rivers for rafting are the Trisuli, Marshyangdi, Karnali, Seti, Sunkoshi and more. Rapids vary from river to river and are graded by experts which give rafters some idea of what to expect on the trip. They have also been given imaginative names like 'Surprise', 'Upset' 'Big Dipper' etc. It's a day or several days of fun floating down the river enjoying beautiful scenery, sometimes views of distant mountains, and resting on while sandy beaches. Rafting is also used as a means to get to Chitwan National Park by reaching NarayanGhat the put-out point where the trip ends and a road journey begins. Rivers like the Marshyangdi and Arun provide some of the most scenic views for rafters. Diverse wildlife and flora along the routes, add to the essence of these trips.

Nepal is well-known for its amazing mountains and treks, but those-in-the-know also rate it as one of the world’s best destinations for white water rafting. The rivers are long and clean. They’re surrounded by amazing mountain, hill and jungle landscape. The guides are friendly and highly skilled and costs are low. Here’s all you need to know about white water rafting in Nepal. Plan a short rafting trip which lasts from a day to three days, or longer trips which offer relaxing camp stops combined with short treks along the river lines into rich evergreen forests and sparkling waterfalls.

Rivers open for Rafting

1. Upper Seti River - 1/2 days trip

2. Trisuli River - 1-day trip to 2 days

3. Marshyangdi River - 2 days

4. Kali Gandaki River - 3 days

5. Karnali River - 8 to 10 days

6. Sunkoshi River - 8 to 10 days

7. Tamur River - 10 days

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