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Nepal is one of those few places that enchants the minds of the Nature and Wildlife Lovers. Jungle safari can be a profoundly wonderful experience.

Places such as Chitwan National Park and Bardiya National park are sure to amaze you with its rich flora, fauna and the wildlife itself.

One of the major attractions at Bardiya National Park & Chitwan National Park is the endangered yet legendary The Famous Bengal Tiger and the Great One Horned Rhino. Besides tigers and Reptiles, people can visit here to witness the vast array of Birds.


The Chitwan National Park

The Famous Chitwan National Park is located in the south of Nepal in Chitwan District of Nepal. This place is the home to the Great One Horned Rhinoceros, the Bengal Tiger, the Asiatic Elephants, and Deers among many. The Rapti River flows through here and this river is inhabited by the Mugger Crocodiles and The Gharials.

Besides wildlife, the indigenous people called the Tharus reside here. They have a vast array of culture and tradition which is sure to mesmerize you.

The Chitwan National Park was officially called in the UNESCO World heritage site in 1973.


The Bardiya National Park

Bardiya National park is considered the biggest national park in Nepal. This place is located in the Bardiya jungle of Nepal. You will have the option for the white water river rafting in the Karnali river. The Karnali river is inhabited by the Dolphins and Gharial Crocodile .

The Jungle safari in this jungle is a once in a lifetime experience for the Nepalese as well as the Foreigners. Like Chitwan National Park, this place is inhabited by Mammals, reptiles and birds. Among some of the birds found here is the Bluebill bird.

River Babai and Karnali River flow through here.


Shuklaphanta National Park

Shuklaphanta National Park is a new national park that was meant to be considered as a hunting reserve at first.

This national park is full of swamp deer and tigers and various other eye pleasing animals. Besides animals, this place has a vast number of birds. The rich flora and fauna is sure to captivate your senses.


Banke National Park

This national park was first started in 2010 and has a rich history of biodiversity. This place is a leading example of eco-tourism and richness in the flora and fauna. This place is close to the Rapti river and the Babai river and provides the water resources to the entire national park and its surrounding places. This place also has fishes and birds. The mammals, reptiles, & amphibians inhabit this place.

Do check in here as you will not be disappointed after you visit here.