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Tourist Visa

The Tribhuvan International Airport and the Gautam Buddha International Airport are the two international airports of nepal.during the tourism season at its peak, there can be some delay. However, if you want to bypass the delay. Then you have the option available to get the VISA from, the Nepalese Diplomatic Missions. And if you obtained the visa via Nepalese Diplomatic Missions then you will need to come to nepal within 6 months from the issues visa date. If you are traveling to nepal for the purpose of sightseeing, tour or travels among many then you still should have to obtain the visa to enter nepal.

Nationalities of the below listed countries are advised for obtaining the VISA before their entry via their Diplomatic missions (Embassies/consulates) of Nepal Government. Ghana, Nigeria,Palestine,Swaziland,Somalia,Afghanistan,Iraq,Zimbabwe,Cameroon,Ethiopia,Liberia,Refugees who have their document of travel and Syria.

The following steps needs to be followed for the Tourist Visa upon entry at the Intertainal airport if incase you haven’t obtained the VISA Before entering the airplane.

1st Step The Arrival Card should be filled * An online ‘tourist visa’ form needs to be filled.you will be able to fill up the form before arriving.you will need to visit the department of immigration website and you can use the Kiosk Machine/ * If you fill the form from the website then you will recieve the submission receipt along with a barcode.

2nd Step A payment needs to be made at the bank asper the requirement of the visa. 15/30/90 Days) Even though there are various ways for payment, it is strongly advised to carry hard cash along with you. On Arrival Visa Fee at Entry Points Upon your entry the following amount are available. 30 USD for 15 days 50 USD for 30 days 125 USD for 90 days

3rd Step Next step will Abe to go to the immigration with the online form. The receipt of the payment and along with your passport. * Then provide the documents to the immigration office for the processing of the visa visa. Then the immigration officer will issue you a visa.

Visa Extension Fee The extension for the tourist visa is done form US dollars 45 for least 15 days.and 3 US dollars for additional stay.

Gratis Visa (Visa for Free) The gratis visa is granted without any extra charge for the below listed candidates of Application of the visa. children who are below the age of 10 years. Excluding the united sates citizen. 340 days foe the SAARC citizens exceeding the afghan citizens who are visiting nepal the first time.if afghan citizen what the visa then there must recommend by the department of immigration.

NRN Or Non Residential Nepalese. Chinese nationalities The officials from the following countries such as Brazil, Russia. Thailand.China don’t require to obtain Entry Visa.


Insurance Nepal is a mountainous country with lots go hills and mountains.and trekking can be treacherous.so it is advised for people to get insurance. One condition can be altitude sickness that can be felt while trekking at high altitude. If by chance any circumstances occur then the person can be brought to Kathmandu for professional medical help. As these treatments can get quite expensive, having a insurance can save a lot of dollars.

Health and Safety

Common Health Problems in Nepal The Himalayan kingdom of nepal has diverse altitude and ever-changing whether.while your stay in nepal there can be various health issues namely diarrhea, fever, cough and not to mention fever. How to tackle this problem The medium for the transmission of these condition is water.so drinking clean water is the primary weapon.boiled water and good hygiene can help overcome or even stop it from happening. If the situation get out of control then professional medical help is available. Apart from these condition, malaria infected mosquitoes can carry malaria and this usually happens in the terai region of nepal. To avoid these mosquito repellent cream and mosquitoes net can be your best friend. Besides these people with asthma can get affected as the capital of nepal, i.e Kathmandu has lots of air pollution.