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PashupatiNath Temple

Pashupatinath temple lies near Gaushala and is considered the most sacred Hindu temple in Nepal. Holy men from all around the world come here to pay homage to the Lord Shiva. This temple has lots of monkeys. A monkey in Hinduism is considered as a God Hanuman. Along with monkey Pashupati area also has a deer sanctuary called ‘Mirghasthali.’ The holy Bagmati river flows near this temple where the last rites of the deceased person is done. Definitely, this place has a long glorious history and people can come here and witness Hinduism.



Indrachowk is another eye-catching place. The place is famous for Pashmina. This place will surely captivate your senses.

Do give it a try while visiting this place.


Freak Street

This place is famous for budget friendly hotels, restaurants and many more.


White MachhendraNath

This location is located near Indrachowk. This is a temple which is two stories tall and the king who built this monument is Yaksha Malla. In Nepali, this monument is called ‘Seto MachhendraNath’



This place is one of the busiest places in Kathmandu. There are some temples that are sure to captivate your senses. However the crowd is too hard to handle. People from all over the city flock here to shop as well as visit the historical monuments that is there at Ason.



Thamel is yet another busy tourist hub spot. There are a lot of hotels where tourists can stay and this place also has various shops where people can buy souvenirs.

Here tourist can book for visiting places and lots of travel agency operate here.



Singadurbar is another place where the government resides. This place has a solid political and historical importance.



Dharahara is a tower that has a long historical significance.

On 2015 AD, massive earthquake struck this monument and was destroyed. Now the monument has been rebuilt. Now, the structure is built with safety in mind and now this monument looks amazing for all to see.


Narayanhiti Palace Museum

Narayanhiti Palace Museum was formerly a home to the Royal Family. After the 2001 royal massacre, the place has been now made a museum. People from all over Nepal visit this museum. This place was once a home to the monarch which was abolished on 2008 AD.


Bhaktapur Durbar Square

This monument is one of the most eye-catching man made monuments in Kathmandu Valley. Besides monuments, we can also see the wood carving. Some of the significant places are the Golden Gate, the Lions Gate,the 55 window palace among many more.

Bhaktapur Durbar square is rich in cultural and religious history. People crowd these places. The diverse and rich history makes this place even more enchanting and mesmerizing.


Siddha Pokhari

This monument was built during the time of Yaksha Malla and this monument is a wonderful pond. This pond is a highlight of Bhaktapur.


Batsala Temple 

The place has a lot of carving and this place is famous for its Bronze Bell. The carvings look amazing and people love to visit this place once in a while.

Nyatapola Temple

Nyatapola Temple is 5 stories tall and is a breathtaking monument that is there in Kathmandu Valley. This temple too has a diverse and long religious and historical importance.


BhairavNath Temple

BhairavNath Temple is a pagoda-like monument that is for the worship of Bhairav, a lord in Hindu scriptures. This place too has a long religious and historical importance.

Dattatreya Temple

Dattatreya Temple was also built in the initiatives of Yaksha Malla, the king. This temple is visited by masses and people love to come here once in a while.