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Before You Travel

  • Travel insurance is also needed
  • Visa is needed
  • The individual is required to have his or her health insurance individual

International and Domestic Ticketing

International and Domestic Ticketing In Nepal Book your flights with Dream Nepal Travels DreamNepal will help you get the most cost effective international flights.Our company is an experienced and trustworthy tour company that has been providing quality services for ages. We are equipped with experienced and well trained members. We provide cost effective quality services and don’t compromise at the faulty of the services provided here at Dreamnepal.com.np Besides international flights, we are all committed in providing domestics services.

Information We Collect About You

There are some information regarding yourself that we need to collect and hold.some of them are your full name, birth date, your gender, the postal address, your mobile number, the email, the details regarding the password. And few information regarding the medical history and also the details of the travel insurance.

Why do we collect, use, hold and disclose your information?

The first and the foremost reason for collecting the information is to provide you the best possible experience while your stay here in nepal.We may collect, hold, use and disclose your information for the following There are some countries which will only allow you to travel if they are provided with some data regarding yourself. To better the relationship with the clients.

Our contract By agreeing to book with Dream Nepal Travels & Tours Pvt. Ltd you will have agreed with the terms and condition Deposit Requirement Amid September and November and to the month of March and May, there should be a down payment 50% is needed before the departure. As for the offseason which starts at the month of December to the month of February and from June to august downpayment of 50 percent is needed 60 days before the departure.

You won’t receive refunds after the trip has commenced. You will need a passport, and also insurance and visa along with certificates regarding health. The Payments should he sent to our account by telex or SWIFT transfer. Dream Nepal Travel & Tours Pvt. Ltd. Your details

For confirming the travel arrangement you need to give us the details that you will be requested. The required details can vary.

Cancellation of the Trip The trip can be withdrawn before the departure if any case of the following occurs. terrosim, any natural calamities, instability of the political conditions.

Inclusions The land price of your trip includes the followings: The price of the land of the trip can comprise of the below listed. The accommodations, transportation, sightseeing and meals and details are there in the intenary of the tour.

Exclusions The land price of your trip does not include: The price of the land of your desired trip is not included. The domestic or the International flights until and unless which is specified. The transfer of the airport, the taxes and extra baggages until and unless which is specified. The passport and the visa fees. The insurance of the travel

Minimum age and health requirement For short trips there is no minimum requirement but for trekking there are certain limitations.

Maximum Age: There is no maximum age limit. But one must be first ensured that they are fit physically and mentally before hand.it is there responsibility of the person to get a medical advice atleast 2 month before the travel.

Passport and visas A valid password must be with the person at all times.if a country refuses to let you enter, we won’t be held responsible.

Travel insurance Travel insurance must be done.

Change of itinerary We will have the right to change the itinerary if any conditions arise.

Before departure: If there are any major changes, we will be informing you as soon as possible.

After departure: We will have the right to bring the internary changes if some kind of circumstances changes locally then the cost which are additional will be maintained by you.

Authority on tour The trips we offer are ruined by our tour manager. The decision made by our tour leader will be the final decision. Going against these decision the tour will be canceled. You need to strictly follow the guidelines and rules and regulation at all times.

Acceptance of risk You need to take in to consideration the risk that are involved.

Limitation of liability We will not be held respsonsible by the actions of the third party.

Optional activities This trip will not include optional activities.

Claims & complaints The group leader must be notified if you have any claims ands complaints regarding the trip

Photos and marketing Your consent will be requested before the images that you take and its uses.

Privacy policy The information of the personal regards can be disclosed to the service provider for allowing us to operate the trip.

Applicable law If there’s any disputes that arise regarding the trip or the booking terms and conditions then it. Will be dealt according to the law of nepal.

Travelling With Children

Traveling with children here in Nepal can be fun. Kathmandu has very child friendly restaurants with gardens. Even hotels in Kathmandu are children friendly, The monkeys like Pashupatinath temple are a unique experience for your child.but we should remind our children not to mock these beautiful creatures.

Apart from Kathmandu, another city that can bring excitement to your child is Bhaktapur.the temples and the friendly people can excite your child and bring them joy.homestay is also available. Apart from Kathmandu and Bhaktapur another city that can bring tranquil in you child and yourself too is Pokhara, it is one of the best places to go while here in nepal.the Fewa lake, begins lake, stupas, cave and many more can bring peace in your Childs heart and mind. for young children, there is a facility or provision of Porters which can carry them wherever they need to go. Slighty older children can enjoy some short hikes.

Another place that can be child friendly is Chitwan. More precisely is Chitwan national park.The wild animals from rhino, elephant, tiger, crocodile, deer can bring joy to the inner child soul.

Spotting these animal can bring a sense of curiosity in the child. Lastly there are various hotels and guest houses in Pokhara city and children love these kinds of places.