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Canyoning is another extreme adventure sport in Nepal that is sure to provide you with an adrenaline rush. This is a must-try sport for thrill seekers. Canyoning involves descending narrow canyons or streams following different techniques like jumping, sliding, and rappelling. The water also flows down at a higher speed, which makes this activity fun and a bit challenging at the same time. However, you'll be trained on the spot about all the techniques required, and most importantly, you will be equipped with all the safety gear like rope, helmets, harnesses etc. Canyoning is done only in the presence of an expert or professional.

Some of the popular canyoning spots in Nepal include Jalbire, Sundarijal, Marsyangdi River Valley, and so on.

The best time for Canyoning in Nepal is either the pre-monsoon season (Sep-Nov) or the post-monsoon season (Feb-May).