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Sankhu, also known as Sankharapur, is a historic town located in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal that has a rich history tracing back to ancient times. It is believed that Sankhu is founded during the 4th to 9th century by the Licchavi Kings and was an important trading route connecting Nepal with Tibet. Previously, Sankhu is inhabited by the Newar community, so Sankhu is very rich in culture, tradition, heritage and festivals.

Sankhu is recognized for multiple important temples, including the Bajrayogini Temple and the temple of Lord Vishnu. This place is famous among devotees and pilgrims all over Nepal. Sitting on the lap of the beautiful Hills of Shivapuri National Park, Sankhu is a famous hub for nature lovers who love to spend some time in a tranquil environment.

Sankhu is a must go place for visitors who are interested in exploring beautiful architecture, and local traditions, while immersing themselves in the unique Newari community