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Lykke Forslev

Denmark | Oct, 2000

“ I would first of all like to tell how much I have loved my stay in Nepal. While staying in Nepal I’ve learned a lot about Neplali culture and customs a lot more. Especially living in a Hindu society has been very interesting, since it’s so different from my own culture. Coming from one of the world’s richest countries to one of the poorest was a major change from, which I have learned a lot. Nepal is poor, but the people are rich in heart and mind, which sometimes is lacking in my culture. So I feel very fortunate coming to Nepal and will miss it a lot. In total I have no complains to tell, merely compliments to the very well arranged programme, that I believe both Lars, Kristian and I enjoyed tremendously.”

Kristian N. Lund

Denmark | Nov, 2000

First of all I would like to grab this opportunity to thank everybody at Discover Nepal / Dream Nepal Travel for making my stay worth while. We were shown most of the important sights of the country and at the same time given lectures by competent guides. I learned even more about the sights than what I knew of from my last visit to Nepal. Once I again I would like to thank you all for being so kind to me during my stay in Nepal.

Edwin Holwerda

Netherlands | Jan, 2001

On a personal note, I received everything as being outstanding and above a standard that I did not expect. In a culturally context, I believe that I and the others, did adopt quite good to the Nepali customs and traditions. It has been one of the greatest months of my life and I’ll bear it with me in my heart for rest of my life. Subsequently, I’d like express my sincere gratitude to all of you at Discover Nepal / Dream Nepal Travel for all the support, warmth and hospitality that you provided me with. Thanks a lot for everything and wishing all the best & success.

Joris van der Weijden and Angelique Vermetten

Netherlands | Jan, 2001

From the moment we met the people of Discover Nepal / Dream Nepal at the airport, we felt very welcomed. It was so nice that you knew our names, when we arrived. Everyone was very warm and friendly. The programme was most of the time very educational and interesting


Netherlands | Jan, 2001

I found the organization and the programme very good. I must say that I’ve enjoyed my stay in Nepal so far. Overall I really enjoyed to see all the different aspects of Nepal and to learn about the culture. I’m really looking forward to take my own initiative now. That’s what made me so passive that everything was arranged properly. Once again thank you very much for showing me around and giving information about your country.”


Netherlands | Apr, 2001

I arrived in Nepal on 4th April 2001. The officials of Discover Nepal / Dream Nepal Travel picked us up and I felt immediately very welcomed in Nepal. We are the second group from the Netherlands and I think you’ve done a great job”.

Jeroen de Haas

Netherlands | Apr, 2001

I was surprised by the professionalism of Discover Nepal / Dream Nepal Travel. The programme organized by them is fantastic. My overall opinion of Discover Nepal / Dream Nepal Travel is a very positive one and I can recommend future participants to participate in the programme. Thank you very much for making my stay in Nepal a very nice one and I’m sure that the next participant will also enjoy a lot.

Ellen Veerman

Netherlands | Apr, 2001

First of all, I would like to say that the program of Dream Nepal is a very well arranged. There are no important things I’d like to change. All together it was a great period to learn something about Nepal and to get a really good impression of the country. I hope the period we stayed in Nepal will never be forgotten in my life.

Wendy Visser

Netherlands | Apr, 2001

Only to start, I think in ten days you can see the real thing and that is what a lot of people want to see here in Nepal. And for Discover Nepal / Dream Nepal Travel has been a real good organization

Marloes Meinen

Netherlands | Apr, 2001

The introduction of Discover Nepal / Dream Nepal Travel was very clear as every participants was given an information map, this was very nice, a lot of information was in it. I liked my stay in Nepal and would like to thank everybody, who’ve been cooperative and once again thank you very much

Dieke Bikker

Netherlands | Oct, 2001

At first I want to say that the welcome you gave us , was very warm. For me it was very good to know that you had been waiting for us and that you took care of us. I did enjoy the programme organized by Discover Nepal / Dream Nepal Travel very much. Thanks for your concerns, for being one of the people, who made it possible for me to discover Nepal.

Rebecca Stok

Netherlands | Jan, 2002

I had and have a really good time during my stay in Nepal and liked the programme organised by Discover Nepal and Dream Nepal Travel & Tours.

Yvonne Kievit

Netherlands | Jan, 2002

I had a great time in Nepal with great people. I want to thank Mr. Bijaya Pradhan for helping, supporting and taking care of the things while staying in Nepal.

Ms. Angelique van Hoof

Netherlands | Jan, 2002

The programme was very interesting and useful specially the lessons in culture, anthropology and Nepali class. The little excursions I liked very much. Discover Nepal did inform us as good as possible about do’s /don’t’s in Nepal and they took very good care of us. Discover Nepal had as strong feeling of responsibility over the group. I specially want to thank Mr. Bijaya Pradhan for everything he did for us.

Nicole Peters

Netherlands | Jan, 2002

I want to thank you for your co-operation during my stay in Nepal. The trekking to Nagarkot was great. The food and the views were very nice. I can say that my time in Nepal was really good time. I enjoyed the beautiful nature, the kind people and the rich culture and it’s religions.

Katrine Andersen

Denmark | Jan, 2002

First of all I would like to say thank you for giving me an opportunity to experience Nepal. I had a really good time in Nepal.

Ilse van Andel

Netherlands | Apr, 2002

I think Bijaya did a very good job. I think he informed us well and I really appreciate that. I did really like all the extra things he did for us.

Martin (from Denmark) and Ivo Veldman (from the Netherlands)

Netherlands & Denmark | Apr, 2002

The welcome at the airport was really nice and it was good to get a first small glimpse of Kathmandu on the way to the hotel. We liked the sight seeing of the Stupas and Durbar Square. The guide was very excellent. It’s really good to get more insight on Nepalese culture and religion. We liked the trip to Koshi Tappu very much. The elephant ride and the walk through the villages were both fantastic. We’d like to thank Mr. Bijaya for his concerns and for the good information he gave about the situation in Nepal.

Ms. Esther Wilhelm

Netherlands | Apr, 2002

My conclusion is that you did a good job! I think I had a great time in Nepal and the programme was very well arranged by Discover Nepal & Dream Nepal Travels & Tours. I definitely want to come back again.

Randy Dommerholt

Netherlands | Apr, 2002

I appreciated the pick up from the airport very much not having to deal with all the pushy taxi drivers was pleasant. The flower garland made it extra special. I felt welcomed. All in all it was a great experience. Mr. Bijaya did a great job. One could feel his responsible feeling towards the group, very good. I’ve had a great time in Nepal

Simon Burden

Scotland | Apr, 2002

Our first impressions were very positive. Our day trips and longer trips were excellent. The guides were both knowledgeable and friendly. Our trip to Koshi Tappu was great fun and for camping luxurious accommodation. The trekking was also great fun and I enjoyed the different sceneries we encountered. The special birthday celebration arranged by Bijaya for 2 birthdays were really impressive and our thanks also for the efforts put in.

Katrine, Kristine and Louise

Denmark | Apr, 2002

The food and the accommodation was very good and we enjoyed the programme very much. All in all we enjoyed the introduction programme and all of the nice people we met.

Arno Oosterlahen & Marieke van Heteren

Netherlands | Apr, 2002

“ We liked the programme, the leadership of Mr. Bijaya was very good. We all really enjoyed for the great time we had during our stay in Nepal

Carla Hanssen

Netherlands | Apr, 2002

I had a very good time in Nepal. Everything was arranged very well by Discover Nepal & Dream Nepal Travels & Tours. I really did enjoy my stay in Nepal.

Annemieke van Ommen,

Netherlands | Apr, 2002

The pick up form the airport was very nice and it was a warm welcome. The accommodation was good, the lessons about the History and Culture of Nepal was very interesting. The guided tours were good. The guide told a lot about the places we went to. It was interesting. The orientation programme was very well organsied. Mr. Bijaya kept us well informed about what was going on in and around Kathmandu Valley. I liked my stay in Nepal very much.

Barbara Plomp

Netherlands | Apr, 2002

I was very happy to be picked up from the airport on arrival in Kathmandu. The accommodation provided was very good. Everything was dealt very well. I think everybody was happy in the end, which is quite an achievement. The programmes were well organized.

Vibeke Lund

Denmark | Apr, 2003

Mr. Bijaya Pradhan of Discover Nepal / Dream Nepal Travel & Tours have been fantastic. He has been very helpful with the trips and other practical things. I will recommend his companies – Discover Nepal / Dream Nepal Travel & Tours Pvt. Ltd. to others who want to visit Nepal. The people of Nepal are very friendly, you feel that you are welcome almost everywhere. Nepal is a great country. Mr. Bijaya Pradhan has been very helpful both before and after arrival in Nepal.

Jeppe R. Hansen

Denmark | Apr, 2003

All in all my stay in Nepal in general has been very educating and rewarding for me. I have definitely learned a lot about how the people of Nepal live and what problems they face in their every day life. My stay has also given me a clear view on the benefits of living in a developed country like Denmark. On the other hand my stay in Nepal has also made me realize what problems Nepal as a nation are facing and trying to deal with at the moment. All in all the programme has been a great experiences and has made me want to visit Nepal again. I would like to say thank you very, very much as you have been an incredible help to us during our stay in Nepal. Once again thank you very much. If I ever come to Nepal again, I would definitely like to choose your company again.

Maria S. Jensen

Denmark | Apr, 2003

All in all I have loved being in Nepal. Also a big thanks to Mr. Bijaya for always helping us with everything. It has been great programme organized by Discover Nepal / Dream Nepal Travel & Tours. Mr. Bijaya has on the other hand done a lot more than expected for us.

Kasper Kristensen

Denmark | Apr, 2003

Mr. Pradhan has been very helpful during the entire stay. He has arranged many different trips to make us explore as much of Nepal as possible. He has also been helpful with other things. Therefore I would highly recommend Bijaya Pradhan and his companies Discover Nepal / Dream Nepal Travel & Tours Pvt. Ltd. to others who want to visit Nepal in the near future. It has been a great stay in Nepal and we have seen the diversities of Nepal so if you like to participate in the Discover Nepal programme and to discover a totally different country, I will recommend it to you.

Namrata Pandey

Nepal | Apr, 2005

I specially want to thank our TSOM teacher Mr. Yograj Poudel and Mr. Bijaya Pradhan, Executive Chairman of Dream Nepal Travel & tours Pvt. Ltd. for giving us an opportunity to visit the unknown places. They have given us to join one day hiking from Changunarayan to Nagarkot.

Prem Kumar Gurung

Nepal | Apr, 2005

My huge thank goes to Mr. Bijaya Pradhan, Executive Chairman, Dream Nepal Travel & Tours Pvt. Ltd. and Mr. Rajiv Dangol of Nepal Traveler’s Magazine for their efforts in handling our group’s one day hiking from Changunarayan to Nagarkot.

Emila Shakya

Nepal | Apr, 2005

I would like to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to our tour operator – Dream Nepal Travel & Tours Pvt. Ltd. (Mr. Bijaya Pradhan) and guide Mr. Shankar Bhatta for providing us their valuable time and information regarding the places and hiking. I wish to express graceful thanks to Nepal College of Travel and tourism for organisizing such a wonderful study tour and making us acquainted to different fields of tourism. I am also thankful to Hotel Country Villa, Nagarkot for its warm hospitality and services.

Subodh Dhital

Nepal | Apr, 2005

I’d like to thank NCTTM and my family for providing us to hike a day from Cahngunarayan to Nagarkot and give opportunity to engage that place, where 10 % of tourists use to go. I must not forget Mr. Bijaya Pradhan sir and Shankar Bhatta sir for providing us all components and guide service too.

Indu Acharya

Nepal | Apr, 2005

Firstly I’ like to thank Nepal College of travel and Tourism Management for providing excellent and helpful faculty teacher especially Mr. Yogarj Poudel (Travel Service Operation Management subject), who provided me all the necessary materials for my project report. Secondly, I wish to express my gratitude towards Mr. Bijaya Pradhan, Executive Chairman of Dream Nepal Travel & Tours Pvt. Ltd., who was responsible for managing this trip on 9th April, 2005.

Reema Bajracharya

Nepal | Apr, 2005

“ I’d like to express my heart-full gratitude toward our college manager Mr. Mahendra Kshetri, our tourism coordinator and TSOM sir Mr. Yograj Poudel and Mr. Bijaya Pradhan, Executive Chairman of Dream Nepal Travel & Tour for organizing the tour and providing us all the facilities and making our journey very much comfortable. Without them this tour would not be possible. I’d like to thank Country Villa Hotel of Nagarkot for their warm welcome and providing us delicious lunch.”

Rupa Dhungana

Nepal | Apr, 2005

I would like to thank Dream Nepal Travel & Tours Pvt. Ltd. for providing us very comfortable bus with expert driver and conductor. I would like to thank Mr. Bijaya Pradhan and reporter of Nepal Travel Trade Reporter and the local guide of Changunarayan. They all helped us by providing all the information about Changunarayan and Nagarkot. I would like to thank Hotel Country Villa for providing us such a delicious food.

Rachana Khadgi

Nepal | Apr, 2005

I would like to thank Dream Nepal Travel & Tours Pvt. Ltd. for providing us very comfortable bus with expert driver and conductor. I would like to thank Mr. Bijaya Pradhan and NTTR Reporter.

Simreeta Shrestha

Nepal | Apr, 2005

I would like to thank Mr. Bijaya Pradhan for his guidance and contribution throughout the trip. Without his help it would be impossible for me to prepare this field trip report.

Ajash pd. Bharati

Nepal | Apr, 2005

“ I would like to thank the many people, who’d helped me prepare the report and to those, who wrote short reports on Trekking for indexing the report and to Dream Nepal Travel & Tours Pvt. Ltd. (Mr. Bijaya Pradhan), Mr. Rajiv Dangol – tourism journalist.”

Prasant Chhettri

Nepal | Apr, 2005

I wish to express my gratitude towards Mr. Bijaya Pradhan, Managing Director of Dream Nepal Travel & Tours Pvt. Ltd., who was responsible for managing the trip on 9th of April 2005.

Dipendra Rawal

Nepal | Apr, 2005

“ I want to thank to my own college for lifting us to acquire life time experience through hiking program with enormous help of event manager Mr. Bijaya Pradhan of Dream Nepal Travel & Tours Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Rajiv Dangol – tourism journalist and respected teacher Mr. Yograj Poudel responded enthusiastically with fresh information, many of which find a place in the report.”

Biswas Thapa

Nepal | Apr, 2005

I express my gratitude to all, who have helped me in preparing the report and would also like to thank the tour organizer – Dream Nepal Travel & Tours Pvt. Ltd. and the guide at Changunarayan, who gave a lot of information regarding the temple, and the guide (Mr. Sukuman Tamang), who guided in the way to Nagarkot.

Nima Sherpa

Nepal | Apr, 2005

I would like to thank Mr. Bijaya Pradhan for his guidance and contribution throughout the trip. Without his help it would be impossible for me to prepare the field trip report.

Chanda Gurung

Nepal | Apr, 2005

I am grateful to our guide Mr. Bijaya Pradhan for all the informative guidance and Managing Director of Rhino Resort, Mr Amar Mali for all the care and hospitality during our stay at Meghauli, Chitwan Rhino Resort.”

Barun Gnawali

Nepal | Apr, 2005

While being on the tour I have been able to learn many more important things from the tour leader Mr. Bijaya Pradhan, Executive Chirman of the agency and our tour leader. So I would like to express my special gratitude towards him.

Binita Maharjan

Nepal | Apr, 2005

“ It is my great pleasure to be a student of BTTS third semester and have undertaken a study tour of important places of tourist interest for 4 nights / 5 days, which was accompanied by Dream Nepal Travel and Tours. Pvt. Ltd.”

Anup Thapa

Nepal | Apr, 2005

I would like to thank our respected principal Mr. Sudhir Adhikari and respected teacher Mr. Asheesh Sharma for providing and arranging this field visits, which I think is very necessary to complement the course programme with familiarization of conduction of package tour. Similarly I would like to thank out tour leader Mr. Bijaya Pradhan sir of Dream Nepal Travel & Tours Pvt. Ltd.and our English teacher Mrs. Melina Tamrakar for their kind guidance and company throughout the tour.

Melissa Kendrick

USA | Jan, 2008

To Dream Nepal: Thank you for such a wonderful experience! My first trip to Nepal was everything I had hoped for and more. The spectacular views, the wonderful attention from you and the hotel staff and the diversity of the experience made this the trip of a lifetime. As a frequent traveler I can say I have never had such a high level of personal service and attention to detail. However, what most impressed me was the coordinated effort between so many various groups to promote and practice sustainable travel. The genuine interest in engaging and supporting the indigenous people of Nepal, protecting the culture, providing schools and promoting practices that protect the environment are applaudable. I and my traveling companions cannot stop talking about the trip and I have already begun recruiting more people for a return trip this fall. I will definitely recommend Dream Nepal to anyone interested in experiencing such a warm, welcoming and beautiful country.

Pat Powell

USA | Jan, 2008

My trip to Nepal more than met my expectations! I thought the country was beautiful and the people were wonderful. Everyone we met was friendly and helpful. Bijaya Pradhan and Dream Nepal did an outstanding job of planning and coordinating an exceptional trip for us. The hotels were comfortable and clean, and the food was tailored to our needs and tastes. We enjoyed the diversity of Nepal -- mountains, jungle, villages and cities. The shopping was great. Hopefully, someday I will be able to return and experience more Nepali hospitality.

Renee Kemp-Rotan

USA | Jan, 2008

I have traveled to 20 countries and lived abroad in several-but I must say that your country and your hands-on escort service made this one of my most memorable trips, ever! The flight from Delhi to Katmandu, your presentation of floral necklaces at the airport and our dusty arrival at the Manaslu Hotel with--tea in the garden, real peacocks and views of royal architecture that included the teal blue mosaic pool was glorious. Who knew that our hotel would also be the headquarters for serious trekkers up to Everest? Now we see how much luggage is really needed for a serious mountain trip to Nepal! Quite a taste of the real... Next day flight to Pokhara allowed us to climb Peace Pagoda Mountain after being rowed across the highly reflective Lake Fewa. There the Annapurna Mountain range dazzled us with its mirrored images of mountain peaks-everywhere. The Nepali people were super-friendly and the children were eager to share their English with us--everywhere. Many children (including your handsome and most mannerly son) also taught us some Nepal phrases--so 'dhanybad' to them all. The attention that Nepalese people give to their children, to their livestock, to the mountains, to the valleys, to their visitors and to all living things gave us a real appreciation for the spiritual simplicity of life as we traveled throughout the glorious green valleys and terraced hillsides of Nepal. The food, culture shows and music throughout our expedition allowed us to taste exotic foods (yak milk), hear humorous story-songs (medicine men with fire), and vibrate to the soulful ancient chants of monks in the Buddhist temples. You immersed us in your culture... and the visit to the Tharu villages reinforced your dedication to exposing visitors to experiences that are truly humbling and authentic. Many pictures were taken of the Tharu 'welcome dance' performed just for us. (And my son--the musician - sincerely thanks you for the music you sent back to the States. It is according to him..." some of the most beautiful soundscape" he has ever heard...) Bhaktapur was quite the treat also with hundreds of prayer wheels, prayer flags and outstanding views of medieval Katmandu from roof top restaurants. The Peacock Palace with is gold leaf sculptures and the narrow streets of this world heritage site was a thrill. The Mayor of Birmingham also thanks you for the traditional Newari hat that you selected just for him from that little shop in Bhaktapur. Now, let's talk about the elephant ride at Chitwan Royal Park--just a boat ride away from the environmentally sound Rhino Resort (Thanks to Omar). How would I ever have known that one day I would see eight rare rhinos in the wild and even be a part of a rhino chase through the jungle while riding on elephant back? People here in the U.S. still cannot believe those stories...though I did share these scenes with our local zoo director who is quite interested in the elephant breeding program at Chitwan...More later The Nepal Mountain Museum, too was informative--but the highlight of the whole trip of course was actually seeing the face of Mt. Everest---what an awesome sight! You enabled us to see the "roof of the world" from a myriad of vantage points as we 'trekked' throughout your country. My heart still sings from that adventure in Nagarkot where we saw the sun rise over the Himalayas-both through the clouds and through the windows of our hotel, perched atop the lower Himalaya range. The plane ride over the Himalayas was quite the treat also--too bad the weather did not permit the best view---but then again there was still the "adrenalin thrill of the ride".... Last but not least, we will never be able to thank you and your family enough for your outstanding kindness as they allowed you to personally accompany our party through the north, south and central areas of your country. We will adore your country always because of you and your attention to every detail... Also let me not forget to say--thanks so much for the serious (fair trade) shopping.........After three weeks my luggage from Dehli finally arrived with all of my gifts in tact. Only a man of great patience and even greater humor could have put up with five American women for two weeks in your country...Needless to say we are still singing your praises and cannot wait for you to come to the States where we will try to reciprocate your hospitality, in-kind. As you know I took more that 2000 photographs and soon I will get them too you--when I catch my second wind. I am telling everyone to connect with you and your fabulous company Dream Nepal. Nepalese hospitality and great hotel accommodations everywhere, insist that we re-visit and quite soon. We love you. We love your country. And we still Dream Nepal. Om mani Padi om...

Liz Peele

USA | Aug, 2008

I just wanted to thank you again for taking care of us the way you did. Nepal was beautiful and you really made sure that everyone was able to relax and enjoy themselves. We visited so many places in those two and a half weeks but we still managed to keep a nice pace and not feel rushed at any of them. My personal favorites were Nagrakot and Pokhara. The resort at Nagarkot was amazing. The views and the beautiful rooms made for a wonderful couple days. The relaxed atmosphere of Pokhara was great and just what I needed after our visit to the Rhino Resort in Chitwan. That was quite a time. I loved the elephant rides and the walk through village. The staff, guide and management were friendly and worked hard to make sure we enjoyed ourselves. You never seemed to get frustrated by our large and sometimes raucous group, even when handling everyone's flight confirmations and last minute changes. I really appreciated everything you did for us. It was so convenient that you're office was near the hotel. It seemed like whenever I had a question, you would appear with an answer. Now, I couldn't end this without a word about Hotel Manaslu. Hotel Manaslu was perfect for our group. The staff was outstanding and everyone was so sweet to us. The pool was beautiful, the beer was cold and momo's were delicious. You're knowledge and professionalism helped to make for a memorable trip and it never would have come off as beautifully as it did without you.

James Stoufer

USA | Aug, 2008

I recently returned from a trip lead by Bijaya, and I really can’t say enough about the level of competency and service provided by him during that trip. This latest excursion was actually my second trip to Nepal (for a total of six weeks). The impression I received from my first trip was that there are many tour operators out there whose primary ‘qualification’ is that they have learned English. As a result, there is a dizzying array of people offering guide and tour services. My previous experience with other operators is that they are largely passive participants in your tour, helpful only in that they can translate, and have only modest knowledge of the surroundings. One gets the impression that they are not really in control of what’s going on. My latest experience with Bijaya was in very sharp contrast to my previous experience in Nepal. His level of professionalism was clearly on par with what one might expect from a western tour operator on a private tour. In addition, we weren’t just ferried around Nepal like sheep with cameras. Bijaya became involved in our trip – taking pictures, confirming return flights, making special arrangements for us to meet ‘real’ people and experience ‘real’ things, and seeking out ways to make sure each person on the tour felt as if it was an individualized experience. At no time did we feel as if we had to take real responsibility for any aspect of our trip. It was truly a vacation – not a stressful excursion to a strange and unfamiliar place. I reviewed your itinerary, and I am familiar with all the places and facilities mentioned therein. Although the accommodations are not 5-star luxurious, they are safe and clean and an excellent value. The destinations mentioned are high on my list of “must-sees”. Most of the activities were resort vacation/ cultural touring kinds of things, though we had the option of a couple of day hikes. If you want more of a trekking experience, I’m sure Bijaya can accommodate that too. Bijaya was very flexible, and presented a number of options for us to choose from. I’ve traveled quite a lot and have lived outside the US for several years. I give Bijaya my highest personal recommendation.

Sara & Erik Bates

USA | Aug, 2008

"We had an absolutely outstanding trip to Nepal. We enjoyed the opportunity to explore Katmandu and surrounding villages. The history, landscape, cuisine, and people were all remarkable. We are already looking forward to our next trip."

Caroline Pang

Singapore | Aug, 2008

Namaste! First of all, I would like to thank Bijaya of Dream Nepal for his excellent coordination of my recent trip to Nepal. My trip was a short familiarisation trip. I managed to see most of the important areas and meet people that I can discuss with to develop my programme for Nepal. My return flight was via Bangkok. Due to the closure of Bangkok airport, many people were stranded in Kathmandu. Bijaya coordinated everything without much hassle. I got my alternative flight home safely, no postponement of date, infact, I arrived home few hours earlier than the flight I was supposed to go on! I would also like to thank his associate, the person who did the running around to endorse my tickets. I, particularly, enjoyed my stay at Chitwan with the Rhino Resort. Great host, great food, great tour. The village walk was a great introduction to one of the many tribes of Nepal. The bull cart ride, slow and easy, environmental friendly, was a great way to explore the village. The elephant ride is an experience, especially for those who have never been up on "a gentle giant". It was only a few minutes away from where we took off, a beautiful Indian Rhino appeared. Infact, there was two, another one among the bushes. Our boat ride along the Rapti River was complimented with one of the best sunsets I have seen. We had a close look at a "gharial" aka crocodile who passed us during the boat trip. Bhaktapur and Nagarkot were great places to visit too. Bhaktapur should not be a missed in any programme. The ancient city has so much to offer. Few hours are not enough to walk around. One must stay at least a night in Bhaktapur and two nights in Nagarkot. This would give more time to explore all there is in these two areas. The inn at Nagarkot was one of the best rooms with the most beautiful view that I've stayed in so far. Although I did not manage to get a glimpse of Mt Everest, I had beautiful view of the valley and part of the Langtang range. The walk down and up to the school was all worth it. It is good to meet teachers and students, to learn about the Nepal education system, good to know that there are more children going to school now and that they are very enthusiastic about learning. Dream Nepal's alliance has a good combination of acommodation (in particularly Rhino Resort, Chitwan and Country Inn in Nagarkot), food and beverage (especially Thamel House Restaurant in Kathmandu and Boomerang in Pokhara) and transportation (clean and comfortable). Keep up the good work Bijaya and Dream Nepal ! I look forward to be back in Nepal again next year !

Ms. Cathrine

USA | Aug, 2008

This past August I had the pleasure of visiting Nepal under the guidance of Dream Nepal Tours led by Bijaya, and it was the trip of a lifetime. This was my first experience traveling in Nepal, and there was never a dull moment. Each day was a new adventure! The itinerary was well stocked to say the least. One of the many highlights of the trip for me was our journey to Chitwan National Park, where we rode elephants through the jungle, spotted rhinos, and enjoyed beautiful entertainment, company and food. Bijaya always arranged comfortable and safe transportation for us to all of the sites. It was so wonderful to have an itinerary put in place, since I had never visited the region and didn’t have much time to research before my trip. We were in great hands. Bijaya also went out of his way to accommodate our individual interests. For example, some of us were more interested in shopping than others, so Bijaya arranged a private sale of Nepali goods where our group had first selection of items. In addition, there were others who were interested in hiking and visiting monasteries, and he arranged for us to do this. Overall, I highly recommend Dream Nepal Tours and Bijaya to anyone looking for a trip of a lifetime in such a special country. The tour guides were very knowledgeable, the restaurants were always delicious, and I always had fun and felt safe. Bijaya truly went out of his way to give us a fabulous vacation !!

Rick Deemers

| Jul, 2017

I was on a custom tailored trip that included both work and play. The local knowledge possessed by Bijaya and his team is priceless. Great attention to details and the comfort of their guests.

Kelsey Rofofsky

| Jul, 2017

I traveled to Nepal with a group of colleagues for both business and pleasure. Bijaya and his crew were extremely professional and accommodating throughout our entire stay. Bijaya took us to the "must sees" in and around Kathmandu and was very informative about what we were seeing and the places that we visited. He also planned a weekend getaway for our group in Pokhara, which was an unbelievable and unforgettable experience. Bijaya and his team are remarkable and I highly recommend them for anyone traveling to Nepal!