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What Our Customer Say About Us!

I would first of all like to tell how much I have loved my stay in Nepal. While staying in Nepal I’ve learned a lot about Neplali culture and customs a lot more. Especially living in a Hindu society has been very interesting, since it’s so different from my own culture. Coming from one of the world’s richest countries to one of the poorest was a major change from, which I have learned a lot. Nepal is poor, but the people are rich in heart and mind, which sometimes is lacking in my culture. So I feel very fortunate coming to Nepal and will miss it a lot. In total I have no complains to tell, merely compliments to the very well arranged programme, that I believe both Lars, Kristian and I enjoyed tremendously.

Lykke Forslev

Denmark | Oct, 2000

First of all I would like to grab this opportunity to thank everybody at Discover Nepal / Dream Nepal Travel for making my stay worth while. We were shown most of the important sights of the country and at the same time given lectures by competent guides. I learned even more about the sights than what I knew of from my last visit to Nepal. Once I again I would like to thank you all for being so kind to me during my stay in Nepal.

Kristian N. Lund

Denmark | Nov, 2000

On a personal note, I received everything as being outstanding and above a standard that I did not expect. In a culturally context, I believe that I and the others, did adopt quite good to the Nepali customs and traditions. It has been one of the greatest months of my life and I’ll bear it with me in my heart for rest of my life. Subsequently, I’d like express my sincere gratitude to all of you at Discover Nepal / Dream Nepal Travel for all the support, warmth and hospitality that you provided me with. Thanks a lot for everything and wishing all the best & success.

Edwin Holwerda

Netherlands | Jan, 2001