Visit Nepal Year 2020

Visit Nepal Year 2020 is Nepal's commitment to improving its competitiveness through investment, innovation, infrastructure development, regulatory reform, new product offerings, environment and wildlife conservation and greater efficiencies and excellence in service standards with the objective of developing the tourism industry as a key economic development strategy of the country.

The government declared the year 2020 as the Visit Nepal Year with a target to achieve two million arrivals and daily spend of over US $ 75. Visit Nepal Year 2020 is positioned as a Lifetime Experience in a bid to position Nepal as one of the world's most unique experiential and lifetime value destination.

With an outstanding portfolio of tourism assets from the highest mountains in the world to living cultures, Gods and Goddesses, Nepal is also home to a rich heritage, adventure, spirituality, regional diversity, warm and welcoming people, abundance in wildlife and natural resources, arts, recreation and entertainment, safety and exceptional hospitality.

Opening its doors to the world in the 1950's, Nepal has caught the imagination of the most discerning travelers and adventure seekers.

In the year 2018, Nepal received 1,173,072 international tourists excluding overland travelers. The top arrivals were from India, China, Sri Lanka, USA and UK. Average length of stay is 12.6 days and per day expenditure amounts to US $ 54. In the year 2018, share of FDI in tourism was 11.47 % at Rs 23,855.50 million. The hospitality sector has shown immense promise with several international hotel chains having already entered or in the process of entering the market.

Strategically positioned between two of the world’s largest economies- India and China - Nepal has immense opportunity for growth in the tourism sector. To build the resilience and competitiveness of the tourism industry and grow its economic contribution, the government had identified key areas of focus in all provinces with emphasis on infrastructure development and connectivity. Primary focus areas are building or road and rail networks, airports and cable cars, opening of new trekking and mountaineering routes, air safety and aviation expansion, stadiums and convention centers. In addition, there is importance on retaining and upgrading existing facilities while creating new opportunities and leveraging technology synergies and networks to fortify the industry.

The National Tourism Strategic Plan 2016 - 2025 has set 11 specific plans of action for the overall development of tourism: branding target; marketing target; focused programs and development target; tourism economy; improvement of business investment target; human resource development; infrastructure development target; improvement of tourism quality; reforms in institution and management; conservation of cultural heritage' and zero carbon target.

The Visit Nepal Year 2020 will act as catalyst to achieving the government agenda to recognize and accelerate the development of the high potential of the tourism industry in the years to come even as the government creates ease of doing business for investors and stakeholders with incentives and subsidy provisions, supportive policies, political stability and sound governance.

VNY 2020 is prioritizing investment in infrastructure, promoting the industry's sustainability and ensuring systematic development of new and creative business models adapting to technology and how the world travels today. As the tourism sector expands and changes, it is vital that Nepal retains its importance as a lifetime destination of this important global industry.

Under Rt. Hon. Prime Minister, K P Sharma Oli's leadership, Visit Nepal 2020 is an opportunity to expand the country's tourism industry to the remote corners of the country through destination development programs, and to use Nepal's unmatched advantages as a tourism destination to invite the world to experience Nepal with the highest level of commitment to creating the best possible tourism experience.

An implementation subcommittee of experts from various backgrounds will working with strategic tourism partners (local and international) and public and private stakeholders to help Nepal increase its share of global visitor markets, identify and help develop existing and new tourism products of distinction, champion and environment for a successful tourism industry, and facilitate greater engagement between visitor and experience.

The VNY 2020 Strategic Action Plan encompasses a range of initiatives that include creating 20 Lifetime Experiences, having a three member women's team from Nepal, India and China summit Mt. Everest as a message of collaboration and goodwill, organizing of the Nepal Tourism Excellence Awards and the Nepal Tourism Investment Summit, initiating Kathmandu Valley by Night, appointing figures of global influence as Goodwill Ambassadors, supplementing and reinforcing the Brand Building and Destination Marketing activities of the Nepal Tourism Board with digital innovation and creativity at its heart, building Namaste Tourist Information centers, launching a domestic campaign to create ownership of VNY 2020 among all citizens showcasing tourism as national pride, installing larger than life Yeti Sculptures as public art painted on by celebrated national and international artists, opening of the Gautam Buddha Airport, organizing an aerial sports competition, highest altitude musical concert on earth, building on environmental and cultural sustainability, among others.

The vision of VNY 2020 is ambitious and aspires to reshape the way we think about tourism development and growth. VNY 2020 is built on the premise that we must touch economic development and growth with humanity, consciousness and compassion even as we facilitate the economic growth of the tourism industry progressively. It is to build tourism on the pillars of cultural understanding and acceptance, of meaningful travel and transformative ideas.

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