It is important for foreign travelers to get insurance coverage while trekking in Nepal. Although Nepal is generally a very safe country, trekking is a physically challenging and sometimes dangerous activity, especially at high altitudes. Altitude sickness is common during the trekking in Nepal, particularly among foreign trekkers who may not have taken the proper time to acclimatize, and physical injury is possible out on the high trails. In case of such emergencies, foreign trekkers are rescued by helicopter and evacuated to hospitals in Kathmandu, possibly on to Thailand or Singapore should their condition be serious enough. These rescue operations and the subsequent medical treatments are expensive, and travelers will have to pay out of pocket for these treatments if they do not get insurance coverage. Even there are many Tips for Trekking in Everest regionand Packing List for Everest Trek, we can not stop the emergencies.

There are various reasonably priced travel and medical insurance options available for different adventure activities in Nepal that will cover emergency rescues and medical assistance for policyholders. Insurance policies can cover just the time of the trip or an entire year, and some will cover altitudes up to 6,000 meters while others will cover high-altitude mountaineering. Foreigners planning to travel to Nepal must be sure to take out the right insurance policy for the activities they will be doing – factoring in altitude and remoteness. Some also choose to add more traditional components of travel insurance to their policy, such as coverage for lost luggage and cancelled flights. .

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