Dream Nepal travels & Tours Pvt. Ltd. is a government registered company enthusiastically organized and dedicated as a Promising & Enterprising G-R-O-U-P working in the Travel & Tour industry – a unit for tourism development in Nepal since 1999. We provide all of the regular travel related services and are ready to serve throughout the year. Besides our scheduled programmes, we undertake private tour arrangements, including special activities tailored to individual requirements and tastes. The company was conceived by a group of experienced, energetic and enterprising professionals, whose background range from travel, tourism and hospitality management through to education, catering and sipritualism. The one thing all of them had in common was a desire to improve the quality and range of tourist activities that are available in Nepal. We believe in relation to our country, Nepal, that “ Small is Beautiful” . Therefore we will endeavor to harness the great potential that exists in the Nepalese Tourism sector, by offering a myriad of activities and programmes that one would be hard-pressed to find in any other country. Apart from catering for the adventurer and thrill seeker, we have developed a number of special packages, suitable for all segments of the market.

Meet our team

Bijay Pradhan